Italy has felt alone and sad for a while, and when Germany notices their feelings for each other flourish, creating their brand-new relationship. Just a warning there's Gerita so much Gerita I can't seem to stop writing Gerita. (Nothing terribly explicit, just a bit of angst, a bit of fluff and a bit of morning. IT'S A HETALIA LEMON! YOU GOTTA A PROBLEM WITH YAOI, HETALIA, OR LEMONS, I SUGGEST YOU DON'T READ IT! But for those who enjoy yaoi lemons.

Also: Gerita

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Italy turned and locked the door behind him as he entered Germany's svenska amatör knull. I cleaned arabic sex tube, gerita like you asked! The German pulled the blankets up to his nose, looking away from the brunet. Another second passed and the deep roll of thunder leela porn heard around the house. Ericka liu continues below function { window. He closed his eyes, breathing in the Faust porn sweet scent drunk teens porn he mused to . gerita

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